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"The 18 Things You Need to Learn About Facebook Marketing, to Get More Customers For Your Business. "
Chris Godfrey
~ Business Owner ~ Marketer ~ Advisor ~ Author
Chris Godfrey
~ Business Owner ~ Marketer ~ Advisor ~ Author
Hello and Welcome..

If my own Mum was to turn to me and say..

"Chris, teach me how to market my business using Facebook Ads."

I'd hand her one of the copies of my Social Formula course, and say:

"here's everything you need to know."
That's How I Created the Course, With My Own Mum in Mind. I thought.. 
  • What are the first few steps someone needs to do set themselves up?
  •  How do they need to think about Facebook Ads, and structure their Facebook Ads?
  •  What type of Ad comes first and second?
  •  What does someone have to actually say in their Ad to get the best results?
  •  How can someone avoid losing lots of money when they start throwing darts...?
  •  What's the step by step process from 1 - 18 that I'd sit my Mum through if I wanted to cover everything...? 
And Here's What Came Out of Weeks of Planning, and a Couple More Weeks of Recording and Editing.. 
Want your copy?

We can post yours to you TODAY!
There are 18 Modules to The Social Formula - Facebook Marketing Course..

..they are:

1. Welcome and Intro. 

2. Other Info and Disclaimer

3. My WWW Principle  (WHO, WHAT, WHY). A must know for 
anyone wanting to advertise on Facebook. 

4. The BAIT. How to attract your best customer. 

5. The 3 Seasons of Customers. This module will help you see why most people fail at Facebook Ads. 

6. Summary and Wrap Up so far. 

7. Your Facebook Business Manager. What TO DO, and what not to do. 

8. Assumed Knowledge. A few things you need to know and how to learn it (it takes 30 minutes - easy).

9. Writing Your Ad - How to say it, and what to say. AND WHEN to say it... This module is make or break. 

10. Targeting and Your Ads Part 1/3  (Who to target, when to target, why to target them. I cover it all).

11. Targeting and Your Ads Part 2/3

12. Targeting and Your Ads Part 3/3

14. Running Your Ads (this is often missed or skimmed over in other "Advanced Facebook Marketing Courses".) But I've included so you know what to look out for, what to expect, and how to manage your active Ads. 

15. Custom Audiences (These are the best type of people you and any business owner can target on Facebook, I walk you through it all in great, slow detail)

16. Chatbots (My thoughts on Chatbots, what you need to know and why). 

17. What to Do Now - This is ANOTHER Module that other courses DON'T include. I take everything you have learnt in the course and I break it down to the next 3 steps you need to take to get started. 

18. ADVANCED MODULE. In this module, I hand over to you 23 other tips and insights that will amplify what you've learnt, and what you will soon come across. 

I only provide this module at the very end of the course because, it's not the most important stuff. Yes it's advanced, but advanced doesn't mean important. 

Advanced to me means, getting an extra 2-5% on top of the 95-98% you're already getting. 
Remember! All these modules in this Facebook Marketing course, are in a perfect sequence. They relate to each other, and build off each other.
(I stress this point to everyone, because that's what's important about The Social Formula).
I've bought $2000+ (USD) "Advanced" Facebook Marketing Training courses recently, and there is NOTHING IN THEM, that I have not covered in The Social Formula.

But what's more important, is the time I took to organise the flow of the information. 

In the Social Formula course, I DON'T hit you over the head 18x with intense info...

...I lay the first stepping stone with you. And then we put down the second stepping stone. 

At the end, you have all the 18 steps in place. 
What's Most Important.. 
It's easy to understand. I've explained everything so my Mum would get it. 

There's no need to use jargon and big words when the language of a 7 year old will explain it easier. 
Get the Social Formula Course on Facebook Marketing Today, and I'll Send You Two Bonus Courses.

They Are:
Bonus Course 1 = "How to Get More Customers Without Spending More in Ads."
Price = $500
(Included FREE When You Get the Social Formula Here Today).
A Fraction Of What'll You Learn In This Bonus FREE Training is:
  •   Know how to design a web page to get more customers ( NOT TO "LOOK PRETTY!" - because pretty or "modern" doesn't always mean customers. )
  •  Be able to tell your web guy or girl what to include and what NOT to include. (they are developers, AND NOT marketing experts - and that's ok).
  •   Potentially double - quadruple your results compared to your previous marketing campaigns.
  •   Teach others and get paid to increase their Web Page Conversion Rates (if you want).
This Course Was Previously Sold for $500 - But now it's not even for sale! The only way to get this at all, is for free by joining the new group.

(It's yours FREE when you get the Facebook Marketing course, called the Social Formula today.)

When You Get The Social Formula Course Today, Here's Just a Few Of The Things You'll Learn: 
  •  What type of Ad (there's several) to use when you FIRST start to advertise on Facebook.
  •  WHAT to SAY to customers who are just learning about you and your business for the first time (it's probably not what you think).
  •  How to best protect your Facebook Ad Account the best way possible. (If you don't know why I include this, just google "my facebook ad account was disabled" - and ready some of the horror stories there)
  •  Help to make sense of all the crap and conflicting information that is out there, and that you'll come across and hear about in the future. 
  • The difference between different "types" of people you can target on Facebook. And importantly when you should and shouldn't target these different types.
I've been in the online game since a bit before 2006 - and advertising on Facebook since 2008. I've made my old ANNUAL Salary Package in 1 month.. 

Do you think I could help you avoid some traps and get you to where you're going quicker? 

...compared to you continuing to go it alone?
 Click The Orange Button Below, Get The Course and Implement What You've Learnt.

There's no reason why I should not be charging 2x the amount I do for this course. It's still new, and I just want to get it out to my subscribers, more than what I'm interested to charge TWICE as much. 

But that will happen soon. 

When it is out in the wild more (I haven't advertised this to anyone except my subscribers yet), I will double the price. 

(who wouldn't, if they could). 

I don't know if you're planning on selling Cat Food to Horses. or if you have a great product/service.

So this is NOT a promise that I'll make you $1,000,000 or even $1.00. But I do promise you that if you DON'T think it's worth your investment, you can get a 100% refund within 30 days.
 How many years have you put into growing your business up until right here, right now, today?

How many more months or years, until you think you'll figure it out by yourself?

> How much is one year worth to you?

I want to speed up the process for you. I want to get you to the point where you can consistently get new customers from Facebook Ads on daily / weekly basis. 

And I don't want you to risk anything. That's why your investment in the course is a risk free investment. 

If you don't feel the Social Formula, Facebook Marketing course was worth it, just reply to any of my emails or call us on 1300 043 321, WITHIN 30 Days.. and you can have a 100% complete refund.

NO questions asked!
QUESTION: How many jobs or customers would you need to get, to pay back $1,000?

Now.. do you think I could help you get that many customers / jobs / or clients? (whatever it is you call them).
YES? Click the button below, complete your details, and I'll send you the course.
It's like we're sitting down in our office, and me going over everything you need to get customers from Facebook. 
Here's What Happens After You Get The Course Today..
  •  You'll get a confirmation email. (You can also email me/us anytime too by the way)
  •  Mel from my support team will check your details. 
  • Your Package will be mailed to you via Registered Post,  and will arrive within 7 days (depending on where you live, etc.)
  •  You'll see get the package, and you'll see the welcome letter, the course and your other bonuses too. 
  •  Plug In the course, (it's loaded onto your USB drive) and knock yourself out. 
  •  No, I don't mean that. I suggest taking it one module every 3-4 days. I suggest you watch the module, and then let it stew. Maybe watch it a second time the next day. (it's far too easy to skim over information these days). 
  •  If you have a question about any of the information, I will welcome your questions. How it relates to your business, or to your industry, etc.
There's a 2nd FREE Training Course I Want Everyone Who Gets the Social Formula to Have.. 
(These bonuses are not guaranteed forever. So if you want them, grab them today).
I Mentioned Above, You're ALREADY GETTING the Landing Page Training - How to get more customers from every 100 people that visit your web page...
When you start getting more and more customers online, you're going to get more and more email addresses from your customers... 

Free Course #2 = Email Marketing Training - How to get email subscribers, how to manage them, the tools, and how to sell them stuff without annoying them.
A big part of having the online side of your business delivering you the results you want is Email Marketing (YES! EVEN STILL IN 2018!!). It's lasted this long.. therefore it's not going away anytime soon!

I created this Advanced Email Marketing course for sale in 2017, HOWEVER, I no longer sell it BECAUSE the best way I can help business owners get more customers, is NOT just by selling them good info on how to do it, I also want to work directly with them and answer their questions. 

Previously sold for $400, this Email Marketing Course will be delivered to you FREE when you get the Social Formula - Facebook Marketing course today. 

In the Email Marketing Course, You'll see how to:
  •  Get your target customers to WANT to give you their email address. 
  •  What tools I use to store their details, and send out email broadcasts. 
  •  How to 'keep them warm' WITHOUT annoying them. 
  •  How to offer them your products and services (AGAIN....  WITHOUT ANNOYING THEM!).
  •  Other little tricks and tips to get the most out it whilst 'staying within the rules' of email marketing and email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Bigpond, Yahoo, etc.
 These 2 Bonus Training Courses Are Worth $900.00 But You Get Them Free When You Get This Facebook Marketing Course Today. 
Landing Page Training: Worth $500     | Get it FREE Today.
Email Marketing Training: Worth $400 | Get it FREE Today.
The Social Formula Facebook
Marketing Course                                  | $997 Today. 
The Social Formula Facebook
Marketing Course   | $997 
TOTAL VALUE is $1,897  -  BUT It's All Yours For $997 today. 
How About We Just Let The Course Speak For Itself? 

I'm giving you a 30 day money back guarantee..

PLUS you can keep the 2 free trainings anyway. (I won't be chasing you to return them or anything weird like that).

Just click the orange button below, fill in your details and you'll be sent the Social Formula - Facebook Marketing Course.. 

You'll be glad you did.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to hearing from you, and asking any questions you might have.



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