How To Have a PRO In Your Corner, Helping YOU Master Facebook Ads...
How To Have a PRO In Your Corner, Helping YOU Master Facebook Ads...
Chris Godfrey
... WITHOUT You Needing to Pay The Usual $5,000p/m Fee - that's available here if you're interested. 

... WITHOUT You Needing to Pay The Usual $5,000p/m Fee - that's available here if you're interested. 

Chris Godfrey
I'm talking about a Private Group where you can HAVE A DIRECT LINE TO ME (as often as you need it), to ask me a question, or for my advice - and to get a direct answer!

Because I KNOW that the BEST way I can help is by being there each step of the way for your follow up questions on things like:

> "What do I do when...?" . OR:
> "How do I...? ". AND:
> "What do you think of this..?"

(don't worry - I've done it and seen it all before).

WHY Do I Want to Do This..?
In 2006, when I was STILL working for someone else, I had a mate who started his own business online and was absolutely killing it!

All I wanted to do was copy him! - Can you believe that? (of course!)

All I wanted to do was work from home, skip the commute, and "earn money while I slept" - which was the common catch cry back then (and still is great today!).

So it was hours every night in front of the old laptop, pretty much 7 days a week. It was about a few hours a night AND THEN ALL WEEKEND! (for years!)

But the problem was..

.. I wasn't getting anywhere. I was learning A LOT. I was consuming Masters Degrees amounts of information but it was failure after failure when I tried to 'launch something' and make some money. 

I discovered that information is great. What I was learning was awesome, BUT it was all theory. When it came to implementing and making it work for ME, I was missing something. 

It was almost embarrassing to feel like I knew so much, but not being able to get anything to work was stressful, upsetting and made me consider tossing in the towel several times.

That was back then. 

I didn't want to hassle my mate who was doing it, we'd speak a lot and hang out but I didn't share with him much of what I was up to, because I didn't want to annoy him. 

To cut a long story short - my mate ended up just saying he was happy to help and..


I quickly realised that my mate had BEEN THROUGH this same cycle of trial and error that I was going through, and if I asked a direct question, I could get a direct answer. 

So now I could save literally months of building something, or working on an idea that he had ALREADY TRIED! Or had done something similar in the past. 

I went from from losing a few hundred dollars with every thing that I tried, to: 

  • Breaking even.
  •  Getting customers to sign up for stuff. 
  • Making my first $100
  • Making my first $100 in my sleep.
  •  Up to leaving my corporate job and making FAR MORE THAN 10x what I was earning there.
I felt like I was King of the World. That was 2012 - and I've learnt more every year since. Now it's more about sustainability and predictable operations and revenue designed for long term production.
I could now skip painful and expensive mistakes and time wasters, by shooting a quick question about something over to my mate!

It wasn't long until we were at a similar level and actually joined forces to become business partners!
..if I truely want to work with other business owners and:
  •  Help them advertise better
  •  ATTRACT more customers. 
  •  Get more PAYING customers.
  •  Help guide them to put the right tools and parts in the right places.
Setting up a private group where you can ask questions and show me what you're up to and planning was the BEST WAY TO DO ALL THIS!
When you join my Private Group, Here's Some Examples of What I'd Be Expecting You to Ask Me:
  • Product: How to position your product or service. And / Or .. what Product Service to focus on first.  (THIS COULD SAVE YOU YEARS AND THOUSANDS ON FLOGGING A DEAD HORSE - so to speak).
  • Facebook: What type of Ad to use on Facebook. Feedback on what you 'plan to say' in the Ad. Feedback on what images you plan to use - just send them to me and I'll give my thoughts on it.
  • WEBSITE: A bad website can be like an old car that's about to break down when you're lining up at to race at the Grand Prix. I'll want to see your website and ask what you have planned for it - is it the right website for the job  (don't worry, we don't build websites as a service - so there's nothing in it for me / my company). 
  •  SEO: Is it worth it, what's the right way to do it.. etc.
  •  IDEAS: Your ideas, what you're about to do, build and invest time and money on. The chances are, I've done it or seen it done before. 
  •  etc, etc, etc. And much more.
I've been in the online game since a bit before 2006 - and advertising on Facebook since 2008. I've made my old annual salary package in 1 month and got THOUSANDS of Customers. 

Do you think I could help you avoid some traps and get you to where you're going quicker?
(That's what my Private Group is all about - I don't want to just say "here's some training, now go and good luck!".  I know that the majority of business owners need more help and follow up support).
When You Join My Private Group Below
 100% Money Back Guarantee
(if you feel like I can't help you, just request a refund and part ways).
 Full Access to My Private Group
(I'll be in this group every day to answer your questions, and others questions. I'm human, there will
 be days I'm offline but 95%+ I'll be there.)
 Personal Attention On Your Questions.
(Have a question about your Facebook Ads? About your website? About your pricing? Your overall strategy? Have a BIG tech problem?  There's no rock I haven't over turned - i'll save you time and energy I'm sure).
 'Fly On The Wall' Lessons From Others
(It's not only YOUR questions you'll learn from - OTHER members will be asking questions you
can learn from too.)
 INSIGHTS and Lessons on What's Working Now
(I'm still in the trenches most days. Working with clients, getting customers, testing new stuff! I'll share the
 key insights that I find with you and other members of this Private Group!)
ALSO Get These Two FREE Must Have Training Courses.. (when you try the group out for FREE, for 21 days.)
Free Course #1 = Landing Page Training (How to Get More Customers Without Spending More in Ads)
When you join my group, I want you to have a running start. When it comes to 'Landing Pages' or better called: 'the way to get more customers from every 100 people that visit your website' - there are just some things that are better taught to you during a 1 hour video, rather than back and forth 50 times in a group :)

I already created this video training, and you'll get a copy of it for free when you join my Private Group today. This will help you to:
  •   Know how to design a web page to get more customers ( NOT TO LOOK PRETTY! )
  •  Be able to tell a designer what to include and what NOT to include. (they are designers, not marketing experts - and that's ok).
  •   Potentially double to quadruple + your results from previous marketing campaigns.
  •   Teach others and get paid to increase their Web Page Conversion Rates.
Previously Sold for $500 - But now it's not even for sale! The only way to get this at all, is free by joining the new group...

It's yours FREE when you join the group today on your 21 day trial.

Free Course #2 = Email Marketing Training. (How to get email subscribers, how to manage them, the tools, and how to sell them stuff without annoying them).
A big part of having the online side of your business delivering you the results you want is Email Marketing (YES! EVEN STILL IN 2018!!). If it's lasted this long.. it's never going away.

I created this Advanced Email Marketing course for sale in 2017, however, I no longer sell it BECAUSE the best way I can help business owners get more customers is not just by selling them good info on how to do it, I also want to work directly with them and answer their questions. 

Previously sold for $400, this Email Marketing Course will be delivered to you free when you join my private group today. 

You'll see how to:
  •  Get your target customers to WANT to give you their email address. 
  •  What tools I use to store their details, and send out email broadcasts. 
  •  How to 'keep them warm' without annoying them. 
  •  How to offer them your products and services, AGAIN WITHOUT ANNOYING THEM!
  •  Other little tricks and tips to get the most out it whilst 'staying within the rules'.  
 Get These 2 Bonus Training Courses For Free Today When You Choose To Try Out The New Group..
Landing Page Training: Worth $500     | Get it Free Today.
Landing Page Training: Worth $500     | Get it Free Today.
Email Marketing Training: Worth $400 | Get it Free Today.
Email Marketing Training: Worth $400 | Get it Free Today.
Monthly Access to Private Group     | $0 Free for 21 Days (and then $147 p/m if you want to stay in the group - no "minimums" - it's month by month.)
TOTAL VALUE is $1048 - Yours For Just $0 today, with your 21 day FREE TRIAL.
TOTAL VALUE is $1048 - But you get it ALL FOR FREE Today when you get your free 21 day trial.

My business partner thinks I'm crazy and has told me there's better ways I could be spending my free time that I've achieved.

If it turns out his right, I'll be closing the doors to new members, when it gets too full. OR I'LL INCREASE THE PRICE FOR ANY NEW MEMBERS.


I don't know if you're planning on selling Cat Food to Horses. Nor do I know other elements that are outside of my control, and the things that are outside BOTH OUR CONTROLS. 

So this is NOT a promise that I'll make you $1 or $1,000,000. But I do promise you that if you DON'T think it's worth your investment, you can get a 100% refund within 30 days.
What do you have to lose here? You get free training + 21 days free access to my new group to ask any questions you want.
Ready to hear my feedback on your planned marketing campaign for Facebook ?
Ready for advanced insights into Facebook Ads and related online marketing stuff?
Try The Group For Free Today - and let's chat.
The way I see it is, one conversation between you and me, could pay for 1 years worth of your access to the group. And then everything else will just be GRAVY!
Click the button below, complete your details, and check it out FREE for 21 days
It's $147 (AUD) per month after your 21 day free trial (SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO STAY IN - and I think you should) . ALSO... you can leave any time you want.
 Is it worth trading $0 now, get a 21 day trial... to get your biggest questions answered tomorrow? So you start to get some better results with Facebook marketing?

Just your free 21 day trial in the group could save you 1 year of trying to get something to work, that I KNOW doesn't.

AND ALSO to get more tips from me on how to speed up that journey..?

Have you wasted enough time and energy already? Trying to get customers from Facebook?  (I know exactly how that feels!)

So I guess that starting a free trial today to check it out, and to get my personal help with your Facebook Marketing is worthwhile... yes?

BUT READ THIS - I don't even want you to "risk" your time, even if this trial is free.

If you decide to stay in the Private Group after 21 days... and if you ever feel that your monthly $147 was NOT well invested - you only need to email my office at.. 
(you already have out contact details)
..and ask for a refund. You'll get it - and we won't even question you about it.
Here's What Happens After You Start a Free Trial Today..
  •  You'll get a confirmation email. (You can also email me/us anytime too by the way)
  •  Mel from my support team will check your details. 
  • You'll get another email with a link to access the group (in about 1 business day).
  • I'll personally welcome you and get started on Day 1 to ask what your business is, what you're planning and we go from there. 
  •  Any time you have a new question, you just a post a new question in the group. I will see all questions. 
  •  You can post links to your site, so I can see. Images of your products, Facebook Ads, etc. So I can see what you're seeing. 
  •  We start a conversation which may last a week, or a few weeks. But we sort it out together and put a plan in place. 
  •  I'll give you access to other resources to help explain what I'm suggesting for you.
  •  I can help direct you to places and tools to 'get stuff done' easier and quicker. I'm here to make sure you get to where you're going, but you're the one in the drivers seat. 
  •  If you want me in the Drivers Seat and to do everything for you, that's $5,000 per month and then 2% of all sales that we make. You can learn more about that here if you're interested in that option.
Otherwise.. join now.
* 100% free for 21days.
* It's $147 (AUD) per month. And you can leave any time you want.
* PLUS you have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee! In case you don't find it helpful. Just email the office at , and you'll get a 'no questions asked' refund.

30 Day Guarantee

No question asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee...

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